Sunday, October 18, 2009


i like this video cause i am having fun of this little child even though she is young but she grow talented:if i relate this video in psychology it tells about that this young girl has its own nurture talent,but it always has nature capability:if i explain this into is a behavior learned through experiences in the environment.the primary determinant of the personality"s out of greater contributor would the care and nurturing given by parents,relatives,friends or a society to a person behavior? its a genes " mana sa tatay" or would you concede that it could the way the person was raised?.

as i observe to this video i can predict that this child will be a great singer and a dancer cause through observation as a psychology student i can easily notice it..through with the aid of my environment....

I dont like this video cause it is extraordinary and as i research it is a black magic that help the demons to participate his own body and self.